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VI.BIKE: The water springs territories

Siori tour

Enjoy the Palladian villas (first and foremost Villa Caldogno, UNESCO world heritage) in all their glorious splendour directly from the seat of your bike. A kaleidoscope of colours and shapes that matches perfectly with the rural context of the Vicentine plain. The rise to Montecchio Precalcino allows its visitors to experience the wonder of feeling stranded on an island in the middle of a green sea filled with streets, bellfries, churches and streams.




Fam. Sesso, Stone and Murderes' tour

Set out to discover the springs of the Bacchiglione river, a real natural paradise in the heart of the Vicentine plain. There will be plenty of Palladian villas along the route, in particular the main villas of Count Sesso, where it is still possible to experience the charming history of those places. The route will then lead from the plain up to the hill of Montecchio Precalcino, a truly exceptional vantage point to enjoy the Venetian plain from above, overlooking the first visible mountains of the Asiago Plateau.




The rivers' loop 

A real tour of the Vicentine plain: the Astico and Brenta rivers with their springs (a charming phenomenon, typical of the Po Valley), the villas and churches of exceptional beauty will meet the expectations of the art enthusiasts and even the most refined palates will be able to taste the excellence of this land, from the grappa to the local products. A day dedicated to the discovery of the natural and artistic beauties in the eastern part of Vicenza, while cycling through the gentle plains.


VI.BIKE: the territories of the Brenta

Along the Brenta river

At times surrounded by undergrowth, at times reminding a lunar landscape, the river reveals its secrets and accompanies us throughout the excurtion. Cycle along the banks of the Brenta river on gravel roads, embankments and, for the lovers of knobbly tires, on even more technical stretches that will not fail to put the forks to the test. From Nove, follow the Brenta river to Bassano del Grappa, with the inevitable stop at one of the grappa distilleries close to the bridge. Continue along the Brenta river until you reach Valstagna, a charming town nestled between the river and the mountain; you cannot miss a visit to the Oliero Grottos or even a rafting descent, for those who also wish to experience the thrill of the river. The route then winds towards Marostica, to relax in the Piazza degli Scacchi and then return to Nove, accompanied in the final stretch by the pleasant sound of the Brenta river.

BASSANO-CAMPOLONGO ROUTE: The track on the left side of the Brenta River runs on a cycling path that starts at the Conca D’Oro area. The cycling path is very well paved up until the Campese area. From there, it becomes narrow and rocky and continues until the underpass below the main road. The track points towards Bassano del Grappa and after about 300 m it is possible to cross the pedestrian gangway (hand-guided bike) to get to the right side of the river. Heading north (Contrà Fietto area) take the old Campesana up to Campolongo, from where you can use the pedestrian path that leads to Oliero. Mind the intersection of the route with the SP73 “Campesana Vecchia” at Contrà Fietto (especially if you are returning from Campolongo towards Bassano); if you want to head south, continue along the SP73 towards Bassano until the junction with Via della Resistenza, from which you can easily resume the route by turning left. Pay attention to road signs, because it is mandatory to guide your bike by hand in the area surrounding Ponte Vecchio and especially in the crossing of the gangway at Campese.




The cherry trees path

Cycle along the foothill route towards the first mountains of the Asiago Plateau. From the walls of the Castle of Marostica, the road continues through gentle hills, adorned with cherry trees, to reach Monte Corno, from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the plain of Vicenza. A challenging but multifaceted route that will allow you to admire beautiful mountain landscapes, small districts filled with ancient flavours, the areas where the Great War took place as well as the ever-present spectacle of nature, that gradually changes as the altitude rises.




Grappa and chess: from Bassano to Marostica

An easy route, mostly flat and accessible to all that goes through secondary roads, cycle paths and very short stretches on gravel roads. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful view of the walled city of Marostica, renowned for its chess games with living characters. The sight of the mighty walls that encircle the city in a charming embrace will accompany you for most of the excursion up to Bassano del Grappa, where taking a picture on the notorious "Ponte Vecchio" is an absolute must. After an occasional drink of "graspa" (dialectal word for grappa, local product of Bassano) to recharge, the return is quite relaxing, with pleasant ups and downs at the foot of the hills between Bassano and Marostica and spectacular views on the plain, constantly surrounded by nature. Let the small districts surprise you by recreating the feeling of being inside a real medieval carousel.



MAROSTICA: on the tracks of the malgari

This route runs along the tracks followed by the shepherds of the Po river valley at the time of transhumance, a tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages and which in our days only a few passionate breeders carry on, walking their flocks and herds to the pastures of the Asiago Plateau to spend spring and summer there.
The proposed itinerary is quite long, so visitors can decide whether to cover it all or only take the uphill stretch to San Luca or the flat stretch to Nove. The rural landscape visible while going up and down from San Luca is really a gentle slope towards the plain along meadows and orchards. The part of the track in the plain runs along the bank of the Longhella stream and it is open and sunny. Encounters of grey herons are frequent. The route is easy and runs on a wide and comfortable unpaved path; it is very suitable for cycling trips with children.


MAROSTICA: Val d'Inverno and the chestnut trees of the villages Costa, Marosi and Valeri

The hamlet of Vallonara is the starting point of this route which runs through the shady and suggestive Val d'Inverno. The main objective of the climb (especially in autumn or late summer) will be the view of the colors of the chestnut trees that invade the route with their splendid and bright foliage from a certain point on.


MAROSTICA: Marostica, a town in the plain: villas, churches and country houses

This is the Marostica you would never expect. A typical plain landscape where some stretches have been saved from the transformations brought about by infrastructures and industrialization, which is fearfully trying to go unnoticed, but still preserves its own charm and hides treasures of culture and architecture such as the villas, mansions and rural churches, which highlights qualities that are worth rediscovering.



VI.BIKE: Vicenza and Palladio's landscapes

Classic Cycling

A classic cycling route that allows you to discover what the southern part of Vicenza has to offer. Taking advantage of the network of cycling routes and secondary roads, it leads down the path that divides the plain from the hill, until reaching the heart of the Colli Berici and where the placid Lake Fimon lies, a quite popular destination among the citizens of Vicenza. On the way back you will find the Sanctuary of Monte Berico with its panoramic square, Villa "La Rotonda" and Villa Valmarana ai Nani, architectural masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance.




The city and the river

The Bacchiglione river has always been Vicenza's most important link to Padua and the Adriatic sea. To follow its waters slowly flowing from the historic centre to the countryside means to discover the centuries-old relationship between man and river, a source of wealth but also a fearsome threat. Hydraulic engineering achievements such as sluices, irrigation channels, embankments and canals accompany cycle-tourists in a rural world made of land and water.




Water maze

The Vicentine countryside preserves a fascinating landscape, witness of a still hard-working rural culture. A wonderful cycling tour through cultivated fields and an incredible maze of canals and irrigation channels with fast flowing water from the springs. Bridges, paddies, mills, Renaissance villas and agriturismos make this easy itinerary a must-see.


VI.BIKE: the Chiampo valley

Giulietta e Romeo Love bike

A medium difficulty route that runs through the hills of Romeo and Juliet's Castles.
It is characterised by entertaining stretches and panoramic points that overlook the Small Dolomites on the north and the Colli Berici and the Colli Euganei on the south. On clear days, it is possible to see as far as the Appenines.
It is worth stepping off of the bike to climb on the terrace of Juliet's Castle and take a memorable souvenir picture. Villa Cordellina is one of the wonders of the area and a must-see, built in 1700 and heavily inspired by the Palladian villas. Towards the end of the route it is possible to stop for delicious ice cream at the Gelateria Rigoni in the centre of Sovizzo. Overall, it is an undemanding but very entertaining itinerary.



The fossils' trail

This itinerary runs along a paved road that leads to Bolca, a village known for the precious fossils from the Cenozoic Era found there and showcased in the local museum.
The landscape stretching from the nearby Berici and Eugani Hills to the northern Carega massif, to Mount Pasubio, Mount Grappa and the Dolmites can be enjoyed from the highest spots of this itinerary.
Picnic areas as well as traditional inns and restaurants can be found during your bike ride.



Altavalle del Chiampo

Itinerary that takes place in a pedmont/mountainous environment, surrounded by the woods at the foot of the "Small Dolomites". In the first part you go along an asphalted road with little traffic that leads to the higher districts of the Chiampo Valley and, after reaching the top, it continues straight into the woods, with enchanting sceneries near evocative waterfalls. In some parts the ground is challenging, but very satisfying. Along the way you will come across fountains and equipped areas for a relaxing break in a quiet and peaceful environment. The final stretch is once again on asphalt, with a descent that requires a fair amount of stamina and the ability to cycle downhill on rocky terrain.


VI.BIKE: Recoaro and the Small Dolomites



The emerald valley tour

Easy and relaxing intinerary that does not require any particular training. It takes place on roads, but you'll need a bike that can also go on gravel roads. It crosses the suggestive districts of Recoaro Terme and its surroundings, with a constant view on the "Small Dolomites". Stop at the old "Hostaria al Colle da Mattea" near the church of Santa Giuliana to taste bruschetta, cold cuts with polenta, cakes, ice creams and many other special homemade delicacies in a garden with a breathtaking view.




The big trees' trail

Marvelous itinerary that starts from the centre of Recoaro Terme and picks up, traveling along the gravel road that begins right outside the village. It passes through small rural houses and goes in and out the woods as the path rises until reaching the end of the road, where Mario and Rosanna's splendid Recoaro Mille Chalet is located and where it is possible to taste carefully prepared local dishes.

After a tasty and panoramic break, it is time to start cycling through the woods, up to the panoramic point on Montefalcone and the Small Dolomites. There is a very entertaining descent on gravel road and after that the path continues on asphalt to head towards the "Montagnole e grandi alberi" route. Upon reaching the Casare Asnicar, you'll come across a wondrous scenery with an unparalled view that will take you back in time. The itinerary continues along the unpaved territory, with ups and downs that lead to the Battisti Refuge. Marco, the manager of the establishment (an old-fashioned manager, slightly grumpy but always available in every occasion) offers local dishes, sandwiches and beer.
Now all that is left is a long and enjoyable descent that brings back to Recoaro Terme, passing through the Marzotto reservoir, Malga Lora and a cross track.

The itinerary requires a lot of stamina, especially in the first part that leads to high altitude, but afterwards it is just fun and rewarding, for both the type of terrain and the scenery.




Civillina, panoramic point

Adventurous itinerary, with fascinating tracks and arrival scheduled on a breathtaking panoramic point that overlooks the "Small Dolomites", the Monte Pasubio, Novengo, Priaforà, the Monte Sumano, the Monte Grappa and the Trentino Plateau.


VI.BIKE: Berici hills

Altavia dei Colli Berici 

The paradise of single tracks! AltaVia is dedicated to all mountain bike lovers, it winds along the summit of the Colli Berici and offers a great outdoor life experience in an extraordinary land. Nature, landscape, emotions for true enthusiasts.




The Colli Berici loop

An itinerary for cycle-tourists and lovers of the Italian landscape, where the works of man blend with those of nature in a harmonious way. A countryside made of villas, parish churches and ancient wash houses alternated with villages surrounded by vineyards and olive tree grooves in an ever-changing game of perspectives. There are numerous chances at stopping by a restaurant or a cellar to taste the best traditional cuisine and the top-rated wines of this territory.




Coast to coast

It is a great opportunity to get to know the environment of the Colli Berici by cycling on their southern side, realm of grapevines and olive trees, and on their northern side, overlooking the Dolomites. Renaissance villas, cypresses, villages and prestigious wineries are alternated with mills and castles in a breathtaking landscape.


VI.BIKE: Asiago plateau - 7 Comuni



Vertical horizons

Loop itinerary of Asiago Plateau.
Horizontality and verticality are the signature elements of the Asiago Plateau’s morphology, the ideal land for mountain and photography lovers. The aerial perspectives of the hills, the ridges and peaks alternate while traveling at the edge of this land, suspended among the Assa Valley, the Dolomite peaks, the ramparts of Mount Cengio and the Pianura Padana. Get to know the whole Plateau with this tour: the Alpine cottages, the green meadows, the forests of the Barenthal area, the winding pastures of Asiago and the beautiful cycle lane built on the layout of the old railway to Schio.


The heroes'path

The symbolic places of the First World War and an extraordinary territory filled with natural beauties may be contrasting elements, but their combination will leave visitors in awe. This is a tour where the landscape is the main protagonist with its dense coniferous forests, the remains of forts, trenches and memorials of the Great War, the limestone caves: the very same landscape the soldiers saw in the past. From Monte Interrotto, a priviledged vantage point on the dip of the plateau, to the Val Galmarara with its quaint cottages and from the pastures of Marcesina to Val Frenzela, passing through the area of Monte Ortigara.


Between Cimbrian legends and stories

The itinerary begins from Asiago, along the ancient railway that leads to Canove, from which you can easily reach Roana by crossing the Historic Bridge rebuilt after WW1.
Most of the itinerary winds along the new cycle lane from Folgaria to Roana and the military route that connects the latter with the neighbouring town of Rotzo. The path goes through a wood of spruces and beeches, passing by meadows and huts, typical elements of the high plateau. Following one of the many possible detours, you can reach Altar Knotto, interesting place for its geological structure and magical scenery of Cimbrian legends. From Campolongo hut, on your way back you can make a detour to reach Fort Campolongo, one of the most important places during the Great War in spring 1915.

VI.BIKE - Cycling in the heart of Veneto: Routes

300 kilometres, 7 typical and charming areas, 21 routes to suit every cycle tourist. VI Bike is an expanding network and more itineraries will be added over the time to the existing ones,developing new journeys and opportunities.

Cycling in the heart of Veneto means you will move through an extraordinary,rural environment enjoying spectacular views enhanced by venetian villas by architect Andrea Palladio,discovering quaint devotional architecture too. That also means you will visit cities listed as Unesco world heritage standing out for history,culture and real traditions as well as ancient villages where you will get aquainted with the many stories of this long inhabited territory.

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