Classic Cycling

A classic cycling route that allows you to discover what the southern part of Vicenza has to offer. Taking advantage of the network of cycling routes and secondary roads, it leads down the path that divides the plain from the hill, until reaching the heart of the Colli Berici and where the placid Lake Fimon lies, a quite popular destination among the citizens of Vicenza. On the way back you will find the Sanctuary of Monte Berico with its panoramic square, Villa "La Rotonda" and Villa Valmarana ai Nani, architectural masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance.




The city and the river

The Bacchiglione river has always been Vicenza's most important link to Padua and the Adriatic sea. To follow its waters slowly flowing from the historic centre to the countryside means to discover the centuries-old relationship between man and river, a source of wealth but also a fearsome threat. Hydraulic engineering achievements such as sluices, irrigation channels, embankments and canals accompany cycle-tourists in a rural world made of land and water.




Water maze

The Vicentine countryside preserves a fascinating landscape, witness of a still hard-working rural culture. A wonderful cycling tour through cultivated fields and an incredible maze of canals and irrigation channels with fast flowing water from the springs. Bridges, paddies, mills, Renaissance villas and agriturismos make this easy itinerary a must-see.





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