Giulietta e Romeo Love bike

A medium difficulty route that runs through the hills of Romeo and Juliet's Castles.
It is characterised by entertaining stretches and panoramic points that overlook the Small Dolomites on the north and the Colli Berici and the Colli Euganei on the south. On clear days, it is possible to see as far as the Appenines.
It is worth stepping off of the bike to climb on the terrace of Juliet's Castle and take a memorable souvenir picture. Villa Cordellina is one of the wonders of the area and a must-see, built in 1700 and heavily inspired by the Palladian villas. Towards the end of the route it is possible to stop for delicious ice cream at the Gelateria Rigoni in the centre of Sovizzo. Overall, it is an undemanding but very entertaining itinerary.



The fossils' trail

This itinerary runs along a paved road that leads to Bolca, a village known for the precious fossils from the Cenozoic Era found there and showcased in the local museum.
The landscape stretching from the nearby Berici and Eugani Hills to the northern Carega massif, to Mount Pasubio, Mount Grappa and the Dolmites can be enjoyed from the highest spots of this itinerary.
Picnic areas as well as traditional inns and restaurants can be found during your bike ride.



Altavalle del Chiampo

Itinerary that takes place in a pedmont/mountainous environment, surrounded by the woods at the foot of the "Small Dolomites". In the first part you go along an asphalted road with little traffic that leads to the higher districts of the Chiampo Valley and, after reaching the top, it continues straight into the woods, with enchanting sceneries near evocative waterfalls. In some parts the ground is challenging, but very satisfying. Along the way you will come across fountains and equipped areas for a relaxing break in a quiet and peaceful environment. The final stretch is once again on asphalt, with a descent that requires a fair amount of stamina and the ability to cycle downhill on rocky terrain.





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