The emerald valley tour

Easy and relaxing intinerary that does not require any particular training. It takes place on roads, but you'll need a bike that can also go on gravel roads. It crosses the suggestive districts of Recoaro Terme and its surroundings, with a constant view on the "Small Dolomites". Stop at the old "Hostaria al Colle da Mattea" near the church of Santa Giuliana to taste bruschetta, cold cuts with polenta, cakes, ice creams and many other special homemade delicacies in a garden with a breathtaking view.




The big trees' trail

Marvelous itinerary that starts from the centre of Recoaro Terme and picks up, traveling along the gravel road that begins right outside the village. It passes through small rural houses and goes in and out the woods as the path rises until reaching the end of the road, where Mario and Rosanna's splendid Recoaro Mille Chalet is located and where it is possible to taste carefully prepared local dishes.

After a tasty and panoramic break, it is time to start cycling through the woods, up to the panoramic point on Montefalcone and the Small Dolomites. There is a very entertaining descent on gravel road and after that the path continues on asphalt to head towards the "Montagnole e grandi alberi" route. Upon reaching the Casare Asnicar, you'll come across a wondrous scenery with an unparalled view that will take you back in time. The itinerary continues along the unpaved territory, with ups and downs that lead to the Battisti Refuge. Marco, the manager of the establishment (an old-fashioned manager, slightly grumpy but always available in every occasion) offers local dishes, sandwiches and beer.
Now all that is left is a long and enjoyable descent that brings back to Recoaro Terme, passing through the Marzotto reservoir, Malga Lora and a cross track.

The itinerary requires a lot of stamina, especially in the first part that leads to high altitude, but afterwards it is just fun and rewarding, for both the type of terrain and the scenery.




Civillina, panoramic point

Adventurous itinerary, with fascinating tracks and arrival scheduled on a breathtaking panoramic point that overlooks the "Small Dolomites", the Monte Pasubio, Novengo, Priaforà, the Monte Sumano, the Monte Grappa and the Trentino Plateau.





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