Siori tour

Enjoy the Palladian villas (first and foremost Villa Caldogno, UNESCO world heritage) in all their glorious splendour directly from the seat of your bike. A kaleidoscope of colours and shapes that matches perfectly with the rural context of the Vicentine plain. The rise to Montecchio Precalcino allows its visitors to experience the wonder of feeling stranded on an island in the middle of a green sea filled with streets, bellfries, churches and streams.




Fam. Sesso, Stone and Murderes' tour

Set out to discover the springs of the Bacchiglione river, a real natural paradise in the heart of the Vicentine plain. There will be plenty of Palladian villas along the route, in particular the main villas of Count Sesso, where it is still possible to experience the charming history of those places. The route will then lead from the plain up to the hill of Montecchio Precalcino, a truly exceptional vantage point to enjoy the Venetian plain from above, overlooking the first visible mountains of the Asiago Plateau.




The rivers' loop 

A real tour of the Vicentine plain: the Astico and Brenta rivers with their springs (a charming phenomenon, typical of the Po Valley), the villas and churches of exceptional beauty will meet the expectations of the art enthusiasts and even the most refined palates will be able to taste the excellence of this land, from the grappa to the local products. A day dedicated to the discovery of the natural and artistic beauties in the eastern part of Vicenza, while cycling through the gentle plains.





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