Sport estremiValbrenta nestles between two majestic rings of mountains and is crossed by the impetuous waters of the River Brenta, offering spectacular landscapes of unusual beauty: each meander of the river offers a different vista, with new colours and a different atmosphere. Each bend of the road hides small villages huddled against the mountains. The view is first closed in by the imposing mountains, then unexpectedly opens out to limitless panoramas. The woods, old footpaths, streams, small lakes and mountains offer scenes of magnificent natural beauty. The area is a true gem, a green valley furrowed by the bright silver band of the River Brenta.

For river sports enthusiasts the River Brenta offers the opportunity to do:

CANOEING: it is possible to do weekly or week-end canoeing courses or simply to have a go without the commitment of a complete course.

RAFTING: you can explore the river, experiencing exciting descents over the rapids on board rubber dinghies specially designed for river rafting, accompanied by an expert guide.

HYDROSPEED: this is the latest river sport, perhaps the most exciting. You make your way downstream completely immersed in the water, equipped with river board, wetsuit, helmet and flippers.

RIVER TRACKING: this is a trip to the most secret corners of the river. Accompanied by guides you can dive into emerald-green pools, amidst the mossy banks and rocks.


For further information please contact Ivan Team - via Oliero di Sotto 85 - 36020 Valstagna (VI), tel. 0424 558250, fax 0424 558251

Asiago and The 7 Municipalities Plateau

There is more excitement on the Asiago tableland with Team Extreme Sport -

BASE JUMPING: the Team offers the chance to jump into space from two bridges situated on the tableland of the 7 communes. One is on the road from Enego to Foza Jump Center Valgadena - 160 metres of pure adrenaline while the other is on the road from Gallio to Foza at Stoccaredo Jump Center Gallio 100m - A picturesque jump in a narrow gorge, almost touching the trees.

TANDEM JUMP: an option for those who want to share the experience with a friend or who do not have the courage to jump on their own.

FLY BASE: the Fly base is again on the tableland at Enego, close to the ski lifts of Valmaron. In certain weather conditions another location at Gallio, near the Melette ski lifts will be used.

PARAGLIDING: see the mountains from another point of view

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