...where pine and larch woods blend into endless pastures, a true paradise for marmots, deer, chamois and roe bucks;
a refuge for squirrels, grouse and eagles.
...where the past has left indelible traces, from the rocky edges of the Val d'Assa to the Bostel village, the ancient Cimbrian culture to the First World War.
...where fabulous, incredible flowers grow, from the Martagon lily to the Gentian, from Edelweiss to Sun Dew and the bog flytrap.
...where from 1310 to 1807 one of history’s first democracies was formed, under the name of the Spettabile Reggenza dei Sette Comuni.
...where even today there is a continuous exchange between Man and Nature, through cheese and honey production, herbal distilling, and mushroom and forest fruit picking
...where Gnomes, Elves and Fairies still live and where, as local legend has it, they spy on us from their dens plotting tricks and jokes to play.
...where you can find more than 500km of cross country ski tracks that become the largest and most complete network of mountain biking paths in the summer.
...where trekking, walks and horse riding still provide a taste of adventure, taking you to new places to discover.
...where the “national sports” are cross country skiing, downhill skiing, ice hockey, speed skating and ski jumping, not forgetting the summer sport of “grass” skiing.
...where there is one of Europe’s best 18 hole golf courses and where an airport with its runway at an altitude of 1000 metres is considered normal.
...where you can follow the impressive Ca del Sasso which, with 4,444 steps, is one of the longest flights of steps in the world and was built out of limestone between 1388 and 1392.
...where the sky is clear and you can see the stars and entire universe with your own eyes whilst lying on the grass or snow or using the four telescopes of the Italian Astrophysics Observatory.
...where the Gods once lived, on the Altaburg and Cima Dodici, on Monte Katz and in the Fren Valley. The Gods may still live there...




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