Stars, light cascades and shows, a beautiful spruce in Piazza dei Signori alongside decorated trees in all the squares, an indoor ice rink, christmas markets, New Year's Eve in viale Roma and masterpieces inside the Basilica Palladiana.

These are the most important events that will take place for Christmas 2023 in Vicenza: it will start on 1st December at 5 pm, with the switching on of the Christmas lights in Piazza dei Signori and a concert with a choir composed by 80 middle school students of Vicenza.

A busy schedule of Christmas markets will liven up the city centre all the weekends until 7th January.

Piazza Biade, corso Palladio and for the first time Piazza Matteotti will be animated by the Christmas markets from 1st until 26th December: in Piazza Duomo the “Il Tritone” association will parade with the bagpipers and the Bernese Mountain Dogs, while in piazza San Lorenzo the “Christmas Village of Coldiretti” will bring Vicenza’s traditions during the weekends with a lot of activities (creative cuisine workshop, shows and concerts…).

For two weekends Handmerry Christmas will be in Corte dei Bissari and Piazza dei Signori with handicrafts and entertainment.

Holidays will end up with the three days of the Epiphany Fair in viale Roma and piazza Castello curated by “Non ho l’età” association hosting “Unico” - handmade items and antiques market.

The Loggia del Capitaniato will host two charity events:
-the 2nd edition of Merry Illustri, which will share the artist’s illustration for charity;
-Fondazione Città della Speranza will hand over artworks received as a donation to support pediatric research.

All the events will be collected in a single leaflet which will be ready in the next days, printed and distributed in all the comunal headquarters, but you can also look for them on the website of the Municipality of Vicenza or divided by topics at this link.

The indoor ice rink of Campo Marzo will be opened on Saturday, 25th November at 4 pm. For the first time it can be also used by disabled people thanks to a special and certified support for their wheelchair available for free from 27th December.

There will be animated reading in the seats of the Bertoliana library, the usual nativity scene routes throughout the city centre and in the neighbourhoods, musical events in the churches, Vicenzatour’s guided tours devoted to the Christmas and different itineraries in the museums.

The spurce in Piazza dei Signori and the 5 trees dislocated in the squares are real trees: the first one is 10-meters high and it will be set up on Friday 24th November, while the others are 5-meters high and they will be located in piazza Matteotti, Castello, Biade, san Lorenzo and in contrà Garibaldi. All of them will be embellished with led lights with the “branch to branch” technique. Trees and lights will be turned on everyday from 4:30 pm to 12 pm.
Moreover, from the 15th to the 24th of December two Christmas locations will be graced with lights and benches in Largo Zileri and contrà Garibaldi, where tourist and citizens can take selfies and photos.

There will be a lot of charity events during the Christmas holidays:
-8th December, “Insieme per la vita” live Tv with Tva Vicenza for charity;
-9th December, the Advent Concert at the Comunal Theatre;
-15th December, Corri Babbo Natale, the typical Christmas March for helping heart children patients;
-22nd and 23rd December, food collection in the supermarkets thanks to the Red Cross;
-in the Zavatteri's hall of the Basilica Palladiana there will be an exhibition in support of autistic children.

The events schedule of the neighbourhoods is always crowded with meeting, nativities scenes in the churches and Christmas markets.

the schedule with all the museums’ opening times -> DOWNLOAD HERE

HOLIDAY SPECIAL OPENINGS confirmed for the Olympic Theatre or for the Civic Museums: 8the and 26th December 2023, 6th January 2024.

As well as the usual parking areas, this year there will be 5 more parking areas and free park and ride info


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Natale a Vicenza
Natale a Vicenza
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