Sci_fondo_sotto_Cima_CaldieraThe sports traditions go back to decades, especially skiing on the plateau, with numerous clubs, and associations (some were founded back in the 20s and 30s) and many Italian and world champions have been formed here and have made its name known throughout the world.
Among these champions we should remember the famous Guidina Dal Sasso, a leading cross country ski champion, and Fabrizio Tescari, among the best slalom racers who was Italian champion several times.
To satisfy the growing needs of the various sports groups and improve the tourist offer, the Plateau has been fitted with several modern plants and structures, which can house very high level sports events: for example the World Junior Nordic Ski Championships in 1987 and 1996, the Grass Ski Championships in 1993, which brought the name of the Asiago Plateau to the international sports world. In addition, in the last years Asiago has hosted the Cross country ski World Cup competitions and the Tour de Ski event at the Golf Arena

The Sette Comuni Plateau is formed in such a way that it is an enormous natural stadium for cross country skiing, and not by chance it is known as the “Capital of Nordic Skiing”, and one of the world temples for this sport.
There are seven organised centres with FISI approved slopes, which cover a total of 500 km.
The cross-country ski itineraries pass through large meadows and endless woods, where the lovers of this sport can travel through enchanted landscapes and admire the amazing panoramas immersed in the wonderful silence of pure oasis of peace. This incredible network of tracks is backed up by a series of bases and chalets, ski schools, equipment hire and many other services, and creates the most impressive, rich and varied offer for Nordic skiing in the world.


The Golf Arena Cross Country Ski Centre (CENTRO FONDO ASIAGO) is situated in Meltar , with 45 km of tracks.
The tracks that are shown below are joined to each other and extend to the Golf Course and Barenthal.
There is also a ski school, equipment hire, bar and solarium.The tracks are:
Fratta: 15 km. Intermediate
Campi Golf: 5 km. Easy
Prunno: 10 km. Easy
Barenthal: 15 km. Intermediate
Agonistica: 2.5 - 5 - 7.5 km. for competitions

The Cesuna Cross Country Ski centre is in Val Magnaboschi and it is the closest to the plateau at the perfect altitude for all ages, between 1000 and 1400 meters, with 40 km of served slopes perfect for beginners and experts alike. Daily excursions in a constantly changing natural landscape (pine and beech woods, mountain meadows) which also cross over the roads of the Great War. Connected to the Golf Arena Cross Country Ski Centre there is also a ski school, equipment hire.
The tracks are:
Boscon: 7.5 km. Easy
Al Sole: 6 km. Easy
Rifugio Alpino: 15 km. Difficult
Waister: 5 km. Difficult
Agonistica : 2.5 - 5 - 7.5 km. for competitions

The Enego Cross Country Ski Centre is in Valmaron (CENTRO FONDO ENEGO) , and offers around 100 km of slopes. There is a ski school with FISI and CONI authorised instructors, to offer all levels of courses. Full hire of constantly renewed equipment. Connections with the Gallio Cross Country Ski Centre make the slopes here even more interesting.
Falco: 27 km. Easy/intermediate
Tasso: 14 km. Easy
Lepre: 21 km. Intermediate
Aquila: 20 km. Difficult
Capriolo: 19 km. Difficult
Agonistica: 2.5 - 5 - 7.5 km. for competitions

The Gallio Cross Country Ski Centre is in Campomulo (CENTRO FONDO GALLIO) and is one of the largest Nordic Ski centre in the world with more than 150 km of slopes. There are two chalets: the Base Chalet at Campomulo at 1530 meters, with double rooms with TV and phone; the Adriana Chalet at 1740 m, with bunks.
They both have a bar, restaurant, changing rooms, showers, WC and solarium.
The Centre also has a Ski School, which organises school camps, with equipment hire, sauna relax, ski doos and a large car park.
The tracks are:
Valsugana: 30 km. Difficult
Ortigara: 30 km. Very difficult
Fossetta: 26 km. Difficult
Pozze variante: 5 km. Very difficult
Moline: 20 km. Intermediate
Campomulo: 5 km. Easy
Marcesina: 26 km. Very difficult
Agonistica: 5 e 7.5 km. for competitions

The Fontanella Cross Country Ski Centre is in Fontanella, on the trunk road between Asiago and Bassano, and has some very easy tourist slopes, nature routes, snowshoe routes, ski school, ski and boots hire, ski waxing, changing rooms. There is also a bar and restaurant with a large car park.
The tracks are:
Malga Mosca Ovest: 2,5 km. Easy
Camposcuola Malga Mosca Est: 1 km. Easy
Camporossignolo: 6 km. Easy
Variante Bocchetta: 2 km. Easy
Variante Faganello: 2.5 km. Intermediate
Variante Pozza: 2 km. Easy
Percorso naturalistco Granezza: 13 km. Difficult

The Monte Corno Cross Country Ski Centre has about 50 km. of tracks, ski school, ski and boots hire, ski waxing, changing rooms. There is also a bar and restaurant with a large car park. The tracks are.
Granezza: 8 km. Easy
Pria dell'Acqua: 8 km. Easy
Cima Fonti: 18 km. Intermediate
Agonistica: 2.5 - 5 - 7.5 km. for competitions

The Campolongo Cross Country Ski Centre is in Campolongo (tel. 0424/66487,691055) and has more than 100 km of tracks, connected to the Millegrobbe and Vezzena slopes on the Vezzena Plain, where accommodation can be found in the hotel of the same name. There is a ski school with qualified instructors and equipment hire. A warm welcoming chalet with bar and restaurant where skiers can relax and sunbathe on the Plateau.
The tracks are:
Millegrobbe: 40 km. Difficult
Posellaro: 20 km. Intermediate
Vezzena: 32 km. Intermediate
Trugole: 8 km. Easy
Mandrielle: 14 km. Very easy
Agonistica: 2.5 - 5 -7.5 for competitions


There are 13 ski areas with 48 lifts 34 ski lifts, 6 chair lifts and 8 tapis roulants) for alpine skiing on the Plateau, which are constantly being modernised, and 100 km of slopes of all levels both high and low altitudes), some of which are exclusively reserved for snowboarding, telemark and the most modern sports.
These Plateau slopes have been studied to satisfy all different abilities and needs, from the easiest and calmest to the most extreme and difficult.
There are numerous artificial snow plants, which guarantee excellent coverage throughout the winter.
The 11 ski schools with highly qualified instructors not only offer normal instruction, but also the chance of organising races, parties and general entertainment.


Kaberlaba: 4 skilifts, 2 tapis roulants
Campo Scuola Linta: 1 skilift
Cima Larici: 1 skilift
Turcio: 1 skilift

Monte Zovetto: 2 skilifts

Biancoia: 4 skilifts and 1 tapis roulant

Val Maron: 6 skilifts

Gallio 2000 Melette: 3 chairlifts, 5 skilifts and 1 tapis roulant
Sisemol: 1 tapis roulant
Valbella: 6 skilifts, 1 tapis roulant

Monte Corno:
1 skilift

Verena 2000: 3 chairlifts, 3 skilifts and 1 tapis roulant

Tresché Conca
Belmonte: 1 tapis roulant


Joined to the town of Recoaro Terme by a modern cable car, and easily reached from all directions by car, the Recoaro Mille winter resort is a large extension climbing from 1000 meters and above, initially with gentle snowy slopes for beginners and then the really steep ones for the experts.
Everyone can find what they want here, with excellent slopes and lifts for all.
RECOARO MILLE SKI RESORT (m. 1000/1700 asl) The ski centre is in the Pre-alpine basin of the Veneto Small Dolomites, just a short distance from the Padana Plain on a very fascinating plain above the Spa town of Recoaro Terme.

- BUS: from Vicenza (42 km), FTV bus line with buses every hour.
- CAR: A4 motorway exit at the Montecchio Maggiore junction (between Vicenza and Verona) and the SS246 trunk road for Recoaro Terme (km. 30)

From the Spa town Recoaro Terme (m. 500) by road (km. 12) or by the cableway - open seasonally.

n. 1 cableway
n. 2 chair lifts
n. 1 ski lift

Downhill: 7 slopes between 1000 and 17000 approved for Slalom and Downhill skiing for a total of 7 km.
Nordic ski: 28 km of slopes, of which km 7,5 omologated for FISI racing, on 3 anelli (1 blu - 2 red) + 1 variation (black).

Recently, programmed snow plants have been installed for the Tunche and Montefalcone chair lifts (intermediate slopes) for a total of 2.5 km of slopes.

Residential centre in Recoaro Mille with various rest stops; Ski School for downhill, cross country and snowboard; Plant ticket office; Races office; Slope Assistance; First aid centre; Valdagno Hospital 10 km away; Rental shop of ski equipment.

Hourly capacity: 900
Length: 1724
Departure: 1020
Arrival: 1620
Downhill slopes: Downhill Falcone red, Falcone black, Intermediate A, Intermediate B

Hourly capacity: 600
Length: 300
Departure: 1005
Arrival: 1045
Downhill slope: Baby blue

Hourly capacity: 1200
Length: 473
Departure: 1006
Arrival: 1072
Downhill slope: Tunche blue, side A and B

Overall hourly capacity: 3200
Total downhill slopes: 7 km

These slopes extend over the Montagnole plateau. Total cross country slopes: 28 km
There are three itineraries which cross over each other at certain points.

A circuit for beginners, families and anyone who wants to learn or improve their style. A circuit of 8 km, which is extremely easy and safe: the slopes are reassuringly wide and are a real pleasure to ski on.
Departure can be from either Recoaro Mille or from Casare Ansicar.

Slopes of medium difficulty, with beautiful climbs and breathtaking descents in total safety.
The circuit is on a plateau directly above the Seebese circuit, with a lovely panorama ranging from the Small Dolomites to Pasubio.
The circuit is 9 km long, and passes by some of the loveliest refuges of Recoaro Terme.

An 8 km circuit, which is the farthest from the entrance to Recoaro Mille.
It is more difficult, both for the distance and the formation of the slopes.
It is highly appreciated by people training for races, and the circuit leads directly to the foot of the Small Dolomites.


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