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Fairs and Festivals - Consorzio Turistico Vicenzaè


In Durlo di Crespadoro the cultivation of chestnuts is once again becoming of fundamental importance to the local agricultural economy. The production of chestnuts was once indispensable, as many farms integrated their income with the direct sale of this product. In the period between 1960 and 1980 chestnut cultivation was almost abandoned, as young people in particular abandoned the cultivation of agricultural areas in favour of more remunerative employment, following the industrial development of the Chiampo valley. Hence the neglect of orchards and the early death of many plants, which were no longer cared for and treated in an appropriate manner. With the introduction of the chestnut festival in 1978, farmers have once again begun to cultivate this popular and much appreciated fruit, which however has always been considered “the flour of the poor”. The festival is also a showcase for the honey produced in the valley, chestnut honey representing a natural food integrating the diet, thanks to the vitamins, protein and mineral salts it contains. The Festival takes place in October.


The traditional "Grape and Wine Festival", established back in 1974, is organised around the middle of September to promote the main typical product of the area of the Colli Berici. In this area the so-called "magnificent seven" wines, with excellent characteristics (Tocai Rosso, Merlot, Cabernet, Garganego, Tocai Bianco, Sauvignon and Pinot Bianco) stand out, in terms of their simplicity and distinction. The festival also promotes other typical local products in addition to wine, such as cheese, milk, oil, honey, ham etc., with a fair and market aiming to combine D.O.C. wines with typical dishes and products from Vicenza.


The first “Wine Fair” was organised on Easter Monday in 1970 by the " organising committee of the Festival of D.O.C. wine from Selva” and was held in the village of Selva in the commune of Montebello, where it still takes place. In the light of their day-to-day experience of the many problems linked to the cultivation of vines, the wine producers in the area were aware that the wine produced in the area was undoubtedly of excellent quality, but little known and thus in 1970 they decided to organise an event, initially called the "Festival of DOC Gambellara wine" (Gambellara, Recioto di Gambellara, Vino Santo di Gambellara), with the scope of promoting this product and making it better known, above all outside the province. Considering the problem and recalling a traditional fair which was held on Easter Monday, they came up with the idea of holding the “Wine Festival” on this day. Over the years the event has been extended to include a competition for DOC Gambellara wines, while cultural events and meetings, entertainment and various kinds of attractions are organised to provide a suitable framework for the event.


This festival of edible snails takes place every year on 8 December and was conceived with the idea of promoting a humble, but valuable product of the area in the shadow of the mountains surrounding the Chiampo valley. The event, while relatively recent, having been established in 1981, has its roots in a long-standing tradition, represented by an annual market which took place on the second Thursday in December. Today the "Sagra dei Corgnoli" (Snail Festival) is also a festival of agriculture, tourism, folklore, fraternity and good country cooking.


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