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1920s, MODERN WOMAN – Ubaldo Oppi’s vision - Consorzio Turistico Vicenzaè

The Basilica Palladiana will host a new exhibition from 6th December 2019 to 13th April 2020.

The 1920s are characterised by change and modernity: during those years, the most charming international art movement is that of Magical Realism, in which the vision of reality is wrapped in an atmosphere of wonder and expectation. In Italy, this vision is often portrayed by evoking memories of the Classicism and the Renaissance. Following this movement, intense portraits of strong women were created, standing out on the canvas with powerful personalities, loved, sometimes even feared, but always celebrated in their mesmerising beauty.
Ubaldo Oppi (Bologna 1889 – Vicenza 1942) is the absolute protagonist of those years, one of the most famous artists in Europe and the United States, with his works being sold in splendid collections.




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