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Piazza dei Signori
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The Basilica Palladiana fascinates with its lines, its effects of light and shade: "it is not possible to describe the impression made by Palladio's Basilica..." (J. W. Goethe)
The double order of white, Piovene stone loggias offers elegance and solemnity: the ascent of the structure seems infinite; the tricks of light and shade are captivating. The first nucleus of the building known as the Palazzo della Ragione was constructed in the middle of the 15th century by joining two older buildings: the "Palatium Vetus" and the "Palatium Communis".
Then, at the end of the 15th century, it was decided to give this building a new aspect and create covered spaces for the markets that were held around it. The loggias which were to surround the building were planned by the architect Tommaso Formenton.
These were duly built and gave the palace an appearance similar to the one of the same name in Padua. But faulty construction led to their collapse only two years after completion, presenting the problem of rebuilding.
Though many great artists were consulted, from Sebastiano Serlio to Michele Sanmicheli and Giulio Romano, a solution was not quickly found. Fifty years were to pass before the plans drawn up by Andrea della Gondola, later known as Palladio, were chosen.
His design called for loggias composed of a series of serlian windows.

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